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Why have a room when you can take a whole apartment?

So a little bit of fun today, because we have a drive on to get some more properties into The Serviced Accommodation Company management. That means we’re looking for landlords, landlords that have got properties that perhaps they’re not happy with the revenue from, perhaps they’ve got irregular revenue with some voids each year, or maybe it’s just that you want to try something different.


Maybe the longer term tenancies aren’t working out for you, or you’ve been thinking about running serviced accommodation and you want some help, advice, support in setting that up. We’ve been running this serviced accommodation for about four years now, we’ve got lots of systems and processes in place, and unlike lots of other companies that run serviced accommodation, we’ve invested in staff, we’ve got a physical office space, and that allows us the freedom to really make sure that there is somebody dedicated to not only customer services and our guests, but also to the setup and management of these properties, the maintenance of which takes absolutely loads of time and effort.


If you’re not experienced, there can be pitfalls which can land you in trouble because there are so many legal hoops to jump through, and lots of safety requirements to make sure that you are providing not only a good quality business but also a safe business for everybody.


We are looking for, and we will consider, properties nationwide however, our niche is the contractor market, so we’re really looking for properties in industrial areas that are of good quality and that are furnished, and if you’re not prepared to furnish them yourselves, there’s a discussion that we can have about helping you spread that cost so that you can get the property set up, but there would be a minimum commitment from yourself to run it as serviced accommodation for the 12 months thereafter.


So that’s about it really, it’s a call for properties, for landlords that have either got properties empty or a desire to try something different with their current properties, or even people that are thinking about getting into property, purchasing their first few investments. Serviced accommodation is a fantastic investment if it’s in the right location and run by people that are very diligent and know what they’re doing.


We are more than happy for people to get in touch if you wanna bit of help and advice, if you’re starting out on your journey, if you’ve got some questions about whether it might be the right thing for you to be doing with your properties, then please touch base with our team in the office, we’ll be happy to help you as much as we possibly can.


Thank you for reading,


Rachael Coates

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