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Why have a room when you can take a whole apartment?

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’ve booked somewhere. You’re going away for work. You’re going to be there a couple of days. Am I going to get somewhere close to where I’m staying? Have a look around, and spend about 20 minutes going through Maybe I should check Airbnb, or I’ll go back on there. 


You look through Airbnb, and you find some other places. Then, you realize that you don’t want to stay in somebody else’s house when they’re inside it too, and there’s COVID now. You definitely don’t want to do that. You go back to, and you say that this one looks close, but it’s got some bad reviews. I’m not really sure. Then, I forgot that I need parking. 


Overall, you can spend hours, and then you can get there and still be disappointed. There’s not really anybody there to help you and to just take the pain out of this. 


If you come here, we’ll help get this travel arrangement sorted out for you. We will make sure that you get somewhere that meets your requirements. What is it that you’re actually wanting? It’s great to be able to help yourself, go online and pick things by yourself, and make sure you get a good price and stuff for it. That’s fantastic! However, it does suck up part of our time, which is probably the most valuable commodity that we have these days. 


So, this is where we can help you. Although we predominantly operate serviced accommodation in the northeast of England, we do have partners throughout the country. We also have a scoring system for serviced accommodations so that we can match you to properties that meet your requirements. 


We know what’s important to you because we’ve asked you. If you tell me right, I need to be in walking distance of a venue. It’s really important that I’ve got off-road parking, and my absolute maximum budget is this. Actually it’s not so important that I’ve got a king-sized bed, a double bed will do. I don’t mind only having a kitchenette and not a full kitchen. 


That gives us some premises to work on. We can go out there. We can pop your requirements through our algorithm, and make sure that what you’re getting is within your budget. Because we have partners, we often get special rates. 


But if it fits your requirements, then it does instantly. You’re not spending two or three hours. You’re spending five minutes on the phone to us, or popping an inquiry form through our websites. Then, we do the hard work!


The advantage for you is that you don’t get charged for that service. So, it’s a free service to save you time, to get you a better accommodation than you would be getting by yourself. It’s a win-win process! 


There is a hidden benefit in that we also have partners throughout the country, food and entertainment outlets. If you join our membership program and therefore book accommodation through us, you will also get access to exclusive discounts in the area that you’re staying, on food and entertainment when that’s allowed. 


What is the downside? Well, frankly, there isn’t one. We’re here to promote a service. We don’t charge you at all for that service. We do like you to become members with us because that helps us negotiate better prices with the properties and our partners throughout the country. 


So, give us a call next time if you’re thinking about booking for work. Let’s see if we can get you somewhere better to stay, or somewhere that is cheaper or more suitable. We will do that work for you and hopefully delight you with our service. 


We look forward to hearing from you. If you’ve got any questions or any requests from our membership scheme, then please let us know.


Rachael Coates



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