Are You A Landlord Looking For A Guaranteed

Have you ever thought about considering serviced accommodation. Not sure what it is or you are interested in us taking care of your monthly income then read on.

What we do as a serviced accommodation company?

We offer landlords the chance to be as stress-free as possible by supplying a service which is hard to refuse. Once you get in touch we will then give an advisory proposal if there is any work to do. Our job as a serviced accommodation company is to fill the property. If this sounds like something you would be interested in talking to us about then contact us. We are more than happy to handle any requests that you may have. We do two different ways that you can have your property managed by us rent2rent and management.


This way of management means that we would agree with the landlord a fixed amount every month. It is then our job to fill the property every month. We also handle the house keeping and we also furnish the property, this is the ideal thing for landlords who are wanting a more stress-free life. You will still have to keep in contact with us just in case we are in need of you urgently. We also handle the management of the property in terms of we handle all customer requests and then we also arrange for work to be done on the property if something does break.

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